Friday, March 14, 2008

Customer Email Reigns To Increase Web Traffic, but TV and Direct Mail Come Next

As business sectors such as retail, insurance, travel, banking and leisure become more dependent on online sales, marketers are anxious to understand which advertising media are most effective at driving web visits and purchases. Now new research, commissioned by Response One, has examined the relative effectiveness of different advertising media for encouraging consumers to visit a company's website and seriously consider a purchase. The report found that emails to existing customers easily topped the list, 52% more likely than average to inspire a web visit and serious purchase consideration. However, the more 'traditional' media of TV and newspaper advertising and direct mail (coming 34% and 16% above average respectively), were second and third.

Sponsored search engine links and adverts enclosed with bills and statements are also of above average effectiveness in encouraging web visits and purchases. However, the research also found that advertising on social networking sites is not considered effective by the majority of consumers. UK consumers felt that such advertising, far from being effective in driving web visits and transactions, was on a par (at 26% below average) with unsolicited email (31% below average). A notable exception to this observation was in the 18-24 year old bracket, who put social network adverts and customer mobile texts both on 22% above average for encouraging web visits and purchase consideration.

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