Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lead Scoring and Prioritization Pave the Road to Higher Conversion

All companies are pressured to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness to increase conversions, lead to sales revenue, and top-line revenue growth. As a result, lead generation and management have become top marketing pains for Chief Marketing Officers (CMO). A recent survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group revealed that Best-in-Class companies are 80% more likely than all others to leverage demand generation or lead management technology. As a result, 77% of Best-in-Class companies experience year-over-year improvement in lead-to-sales revenue, compared to 0% of Laggards.

The top objectives causing all organizations to implement a lead management strategy was to improve the quality of leads that are passed on to sales (78%). The need to optimize conversion or profitablity from various sources of leads was also identified by 64% of respondents as a top objective. Best-in-Class companies indicated that they currently utilize customer databases (96%), lead management/demand generation solutions (92%), customer segmentation and targeting (88%), and scoring and prioritization tools (77%) to automate lead management. These enabling technologies help Best-in-Class companies experience a 192% higher average lead qualification rate than all other organizations.

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Perry said...

Nice post. :) I always love to hear stories of people who really give a lot of emphasis on lead prioritization. Mind you, there are still a lot of companies who don't know how to classify their leads, ending up dealing with those that are truly not interested to buy but may have been subscribed in the mailing list accidentally or for any other reason. The ones that should be of high value, on the other hand, are never talked to and thus have gone to waste.