Friday, September 26, 2008

Embrace Technology Chaos To Drive Business Results

At its recently concluded Business & Technology Leadership Forum 2008, Forrester Research, Inc. told IT and business executives that their organizations must embrace chaotic technologies such as the proliferation of consumer devices, social networking tools, and cloud-based collaboration services. Forrester also unveiled new data from its forthcoming Q3 2008 North America Business Technology Online Survey. The data revealed:

Business execs are more aware of technology's importance but see IT as ineffective. Eight-two percent of those surveyed agreed that technology is a core component of their products and services. More than 70 percent agreed that technology is central to how they differentiate themselves from competitors and that it is essential for their distribution and sales model. However, less than 40 percent of the respondents said IT was very effective in supporting them in those areas.

Business execs feel that IT doesn't support critical business drivers. Eighty-two percent of respondents indicated that lowering overall operating costs is a key business imperative, but only 42 percent said IT supported this goal well. Similarly, 78 percent said that improving workforce productivity is a key business goal, but only 45 percent said IT was providing strong support in this area.

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