Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Performance of Web Applications – One-Second Wonders for Winning or Losing Customers

A new report by the Aberdeen Group found that for more than 160 organizations that participated in the survey, business performance begins to suffer at 5.1 seconds of delay in response times of web applications. The research also revealed that every additional second of the delay in the response times could cause a decline in page views by 11%, conversations by 7% and overall customer satisfaction by 16%.

The report shows that the quality of the end-user experience is the top performance indicator that organizations are using to evaluate their success in managing the performance of web applications. However, Best-in-Class organizations are four times more likely to have capabilities in place to measure application performance from an end-user perspective as compared to Laggards. The report also outlines that Best-in-Class organizations are more likely to measure end-user experience via passive monitoring while Industry Average and Laggard organizations are predominately relying on internal monitoring of enterprise infrastructure and end-user surveys.

The report shows that 63% of organizations reported that the number of servers needed for optimal performance of Web applications has increased over the last two years. Additionally, the research shows that a cost of new server purchases makes for 21% of total cost of deploying Web applications. However, the research also shows that Best-in-Class organizations are 71% more likely to increase available server capacity as compared to Laggards while being less likely to invest in purchasing new servers.

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