Monday, March 23, 2009

Enterprise Mobility is Increasing Despite the Economic Downturn

Aberdeen Group has released an industry benchmark report on enterprise mobility that reveals that the business demand for mobility has remained steady, despite the fact that the global economic downturn has caused businesses to reduce costs wherever possible.

The benchmark report shows that companies continue to maintain or increase their level of mobility support, with Best-in-Class companies increasing their mobility budgets year-over-year as a percentage of total IT spend by 27.4%, proving how important mobility has become to delivering greater productivity and workforce effectiveness.

This study reports how Best-in-Class companies -- those that are performing in the top 20% across multiple metrics -- have found additional efficiencies through consolidated central device management and security, judicious and selective outsourcing of some support functions, and driving compliance to IT standards for mobile devices, whether enterprise- or employee-procured.

So entrenched, in fact, that between 2006 and 2009, those companies with current mobility initiatives in place rose from 59% to 84%, while those with no plans decreased from 19% to just over 1%.

Mobility’s importance is only increasing in importance as a younger demographic enters the workplace. It is also becoming the convergence point for new information and data distribution services, including Unified Communications, mobile Software-as-a-Service (mSaaS), and the truly mobile Internet.

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