Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leading Companies Experience Lower Cost-per-User, On-Budget and On-Time Completion of BI Projects

IT and business management are increasingly expressing alarm at rising costs associated with Business Intelligence (BI) implementations. The fear of hidden costs has kept many companies from making an investment (over 30% of respondents have not increased their BI spend in the past 24 months), and many adopters have found that the costs related to on-going support and maintenance of an ever-changing set of analytical and reporting requirements inhibits user penetration and the ability to manage the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The latest research report, “Managing the TCO of Business Intelligence,” announced by Aberdeen Group, found that the top pressure driving companies to investigate TCO management capabilities is the need to improve the ease of use of BI for non-technical users.

The report reveals the performance around BI implementations that leading companies – those achieving the top 20% of aggregate performance - have been able to achieve through their management of TCO:

* Implementing BI to their enterprise while requiring 28% fewer full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) to support their deployments

* Experiencing on-budget completion of BI projects at 5 times the rate of Industry Average companies

* Decreasing the cost-per-user of their BI applications by more than four times the rate of Industry Average companies

* Completing BI projects in just 14 days, almost three times faster than Industry Average companies and over ten times faster than Laggards

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