Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Survey Finds 'Cautious' Brits are Lagging Behind in SaaS Adoption

The UK is behind the curve with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption, according to new research from RainStor, an infrastructure software company . The findings show that just 22 per cent of UK companies are already using a SaaS application, compared with 49 percent in the US. A further 28 percent of UK companies intend to make use of SaaS in the foreseeable future, compared with 42 percent of US companies.

The research also found that UK companies that have adopted SaaS are significantly more cautious than their US counterparts; 82 per cent of UK companies using SaaS would like to take a copy of their data at least once a week compared to 46 per cent of US companies. UK companies also cite far more reasons to take a copy of SaaS data than US companies and appear to be less willing to fully adopt a cloud model for business applications. When keeping a copy of SaaS data, 38 per cent of UK companies would prefer to keep the copy on-site, rather than with another third party cloud provider, compared with just 5 per cent of US companies.

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