Friday, March 5, 2010

Business "Value" Metrics Are Needed To Gauge Data Management and Governance Success

More than half (60.8 percent) of 400 technology executives polled online by Deloitte believe metrics that gauge cost, time, quality and risk, along with governance compliance dashboards, are the most effective types of data management and governance measurements. Polled during a recent Deloitte webcast, executives also believe that focusing attention on the business case for data management is more important than just considering what type of technology might solve information governance issues.

Other notable polling results included:

-- A mere 7.4 percent of technology executives said their companies tried to implement a data governance program and were either unsuccessful or searching for new ideas and guidance on implementing data governance.

-- More than a third (36.4 percent) think the chief information officer (CIO) should be the sponsor and accountable for data governance in an organization; 8 percent favored the chief technology officer (CTO).

-- Just over 20 percent of respondents believed enterprise information asset optimization (i.e. -- data warehouse rationalization) is the most pressing business problem within their organizations; 15.5 percent chose data asset specific optimization (i.e. -- customer, products, and supplier) as their top problem.

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