Thursday, June 17, 2010

Study Reveals 47% Of Sales Reps Did Not Meet Their Quota Last Year

CSO Insights announces the release of their annual Telemarketing/Insides Sales Report, showing the top Telemarketing/Inside Sales metrics selected based upon size of change over the past two years, a significant discrepancy between field and inside sales, or a change in trend direction.

The study surveyed nearly 250 firms worldwide across 97 metrics. Participants identified themselves as responsible for Telemarketing/Inside Sales. CSO Insights found many key findings, including:

-- Account research continues to lead all other Internet uses.

-- On-line collaboration is taking on new meaning and importance for telemarketing/inside sales.
-- Customer self-service moves up again this year.

-- Sales cycles have lengthened for inside sales over the past two years.

Three of the top 10 metrics driven by sales research are:

1. Quota attainment is down: 53% of telemarketing/inside sales reps met or exceeded their quota last year; this is up one point from two years ago, but down four full points from one year ago.

2. Number of calls to close deals is up: 63% of sales close with 3-9 calls, down from 72% a year earlier; only 1% went to 1-2 calls to close, the other 8% went to >9 calls to close.

3. Adoption of CRM is at a record high: Telemarketing/inside sales are well ahead of field sales in consistent use (>90%) of CRM. Benefits of implementing CRM are similarly led by improved forecast accuracy.

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