Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Research finds almost half of transactions occur within one day of the email receipt

Experian Marketing Services announced the release of new research from its email marketing technology, Experian CheetahMail, indicating that almost half (47 percent) of transactions and three-quarters of opens and clicks occur within one day of the email receipt. Findings from the study specify customer response time variances by industry and offer, confirming the volatility in customer preferences and instantaneous nature of the email channel today.

The research was conducted in March 2010 by Experian CheetahMail’s Strategic Services group, to look at email response times in more depth and to find where variability may occur. Email performance was analyzed for 44,011 mailings from 404 industry-diverse clients in increments of one, three and seven days from send.

Response times for transactions and revenue were found to vary by industry. The research data showed that companies in the Business Products and Services vertical tend to have the quickest customer response, with 52 percent of transactions and 79 percent of revenue received in the first day. In comparison to all other industries, Travel was the slowest with only 13 percent of transactions and 11 percent of revenue occurring on day one.

The research also finds that transactions and revenue response times can significantly vary by mailing type and subject line content. Using time-limited offers in subject lines shows the quickest response time of all, with 59 percent of transactions in day one, while coupons demonstrate much slower response, with only 36 percent of transactions the first day. Abandoned-cart emails generate quick transaction responses with 52 percent received on day one, while also generating higher revenue per email in the long term. Welcome email recipients appear to require more time to make purchases, with only 33 percent of transactions occurring the first day.

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