Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stress Free SaaS Selection

FrontRange Solutions isn’t new to IT Service Management but is a relative new player in the IT SaaS space. With an award winning tradition and recognized as a leader by industry analysts, FrontRange’s products and solutions are in more than 80 verticals and 45 countries to quickly improve interactions with external and internal clients and achieve better business results.

Having strong and stable technology is not enough these days. You also have to be able to deploy in a multitude of ways.

The newest evolution in the cloud space, propagated by FrontRange Solutions, is SaaS². This model provides all of the traditional benefits offered by SaaS providers with some additional benefits that can include the following:

-- Ability to operate in hybrid (premise and SaaS) environments
-- Embedded best practices for increased standardization and consistency
-- Ability to offer the full range of capabilities, from complete self administration and control by the user to 100% managed by the solution provider

Modeled and built specifically for the cloud environment, SaaS² delivers world class and proven IT Services capabilities on a true multi-tenant platform. Premise, SaaS, and now SaaS² (Solutions-as-a-Service) each have their own particular strengths, making it all the more important that a company carefully consider its specific needs and requirements when evaluating the various options.

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