Thursday, January 12, 2012

88% less likely to buy from companies who ignore complaints in social media

A new study by Conversocial looks at consumers’ sentiments and expectations concerning interactions with companies on social media platforms. The future of communication between companies and their customers lies in social media. A majority (50.7%) of consumers currently use social media to communicate with corporations. Moreover, 78% of respondents believe that social media platforms would either soon entirely replace other means of customer service altogether or become the dominant way for consumers to communicate with corporations.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the study’s key findings:
-- High Rate Of No Response: Of those respondents who have communicated with companies on social media sites, nearly a third (32.5%) were either neglected or altogether ignored. 
-- Price of Neglecting Customers: If ignored by companies on social media sites, 45% said they’d feel anger, and 27.1% said they’d stop doing business with the offending company altogether. 

 -- 88% Less Likely To Buy: If confronted with unanswered customer complaints on a company’s social media site, 88.3% of respondents said they’d be either somewhat less likely or far less likely to buy from that brand.

-- Low Level of Current Consumer Satisfaction with Companies’ Social Media: Nearly a third of respondents, or 32.4%, characterized their overall satisfaction with the way companies use social media sites to communicate with customers as either poor or very poor, while 59.6% expressed guarded optimism for future positive developments in the field and only 8% were thoroughly satisfied. 
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