Monday, February 20, 2012

Research Finds 64% of IT Pros Juggling 2 to 5 Cloud Providers

2012 State of Cloud Computing encompasses analysis of results from InformationWeek'sannual survey on cloud computing and guides readers in selecting, integrating and monitoring the services their employees depend on. More than 500 business technology professionals, all from companies with 50 or more employees, responded to this poll.

Research Summary:
Just 27% of respondents say they have no interest in cloud services compared with 32% in our 2011 survey. However, fully 47% of adopters are custom coding direct to internal systems using individual cloud vendors' APIs, a recipe for downtime and out-of-control complexity.

-- 71% of survey respondents using cloud computing services review vendors' general SLAs, then negotiate terms.
-- 51% cite security defects in the provider's technology itself as a top concern, when thinking about risks related to using cloud services.
-- 27% rate the general performance of their cloud-based applications better than same apps hosted in-house vs. 19% saying performance was sub-par.
-- 14% have had to replace or fire a cloud provider.
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