Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Customer Satisfaction Improves for Retail Websites

Netflix.com does the best job satisfying its customers, according to the ForeSee Results Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index. The online retailer leads the Index with a score of 86 on the study’s 100-point scale with QVC.com (84) and Amazon.com (83) trailing slightly. Overall, customer satisfaction with the Top 100 online retailers is up 1.4 percent to a score of 75.

The study found that online satisfaction drives loyalty, sales, and word of mouth. Highly satisfied online shoppers are 69 percent more likely to purchase from the retailer the next time they are shopping for similar merchandise, 75 percent more likely to purchase online, 42 percent more likely to purchase offline and 75 percent more likely to recommend the retailer. In order to increase online satisfaction (thereby increasing loyalty and purchase intent), e-retailers in the aggregate should focus on online branding and improving site experience.

The Books/CDs/DVDs and Sporting Goods categories lead the product category rankings, both with aggregate scores of 76. Other categories of e-retail measured by the study include: Food/Drug, Mass Merchants, and Specialty Retailers all with aggregate scores of 75 and Apparel & Accessories and Computers/Electronics bringing up the rear with 74.

More information on Customer Realtionship Management can be found at www.CRMindustry.com

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