Monday, October 19, 2009

Cloud Computing is Democratizing Computing Power and Traditional IT Barriers of Cost, Time, Quality, Scale, and Geographic Location

A new study, recently published by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, revealed top performing companies that have adopted cloud computing have reduced IT costs 18% and data center power consumption by 16%. The survey revealed the top business pressures driving the adoption of cloud computing include:

-- Overall cost of IT infrastructure

-- Need to enhance competitive advantage

-- Lack of flexibility in the current IT environment

-- Need to support additional services or users

Survey results show top performing organizations shared several common characteristics, including:

-- 77% monitor cloud applications for efficiency and use

-- 75% have a cloud team or task force

-- 69% use a formal cloud evaluation process

-- 62% have a formal education plan for training cloud team

Cloud computing is changing the role of IT from predominantly one of maintenance to one of innovation enabler through the new service delivery model of cloud services. Consequently, top companies are realizing the critical need to establish a governance model around SOA architectures and cloud-based service delivery.

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