Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Survey Finds 78% of Consumers Want More from Their Social Network Experience

European research results announced by Critical Path, a provider of messaging applications, reveals a startling gap between what consumers want from their interaction with social networks and the services available today.

The average consumer has four separate address books across a number of services, including mobile phones and social networks such as Facebook®. The majority of people (68%) fail to update their address books with contact changes and 91% are frustrated with their out-of-date contact information.

Of the 3,000 consumers surveyed:

-- 75% found the task of updating their contacts across their social networks frustrating
-- 82% wanted a solution to synchronize their separate address books
-- 78% are looking for a simple, easy-to-use solution

Clear preferences for services were identified – a large majority wanted automatic updates from their friends using social networks and also wanted control over the type of updates they receive.

This research demonstrates the growing relevance of social networks and the importance consumers place on their online interactions. Operators have a clear opportunity to provide solutions to address these consumer frustrations and heighten their role and value in mobile social networking.

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