Monday, August 2, 2010

New Research Shows Nearly Four out of Five Clients Have Had Internal Discussions About Cloud Computing

TPI, a sourcing data and advisory firm, has released a new report on corporate IT decision-makers’ plans for Cloud Computing in the immediate future. Among the findings, 78 percent of clients indicated they have had internal discussions about Cloud Computing.

TPI recently surveyed more than 140 corporate IT decision-makers globally for their perspectives on Cloud Computing and where it fits into their service delivery strategies. The results indicate large corporations are interested in Cloud Computing because it offers a myriad of benefits without the exhaustive capital investments and resource-consuming projects characterizing the last four decades of corporate computing, not to mention the promise of cost reduction and nimbleness often discussed yet rarely achieved.

For small and mid-sized companies, Cloud Computing offers the promise of robust and highly scalable computing solutions nearly equal to those available to their much larger competitors, but without the same level of investment.

Yet Cloud Computing also poses risks. The TPI Research found that five concerns consistently arise in corporations’ discussions about migrating business services to the Cloud:

-- 79 percent of respondents say data security is inadequate or unclear
-- 50 percent fear non-compliance with regulatory requirements
-- 50 percent fear business continuity or disaster recovery issues
-- 49 percent are concerned about integrating Cloud solutions with legacy systems
-- 49 percent are concerned that others may gain access to company data

These risks have caused many companies to focus their initial embrace on more secure private Clouds, particularly since they do not know who can currently protect their data and consistently deliver service to meet the high expectations of their business customers.

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