Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Perfect Marriage of Content and Technology: Is Social Media the New CRM?

A new study by King Fish Media reveals that despite the clear reliance on specific technological platforms, marketers who have made content king are seeing the best results. That said, showing positive results for social media initiatives are not yet a requirement for funding at many organizations.

Among the key findings of the survey:

-- 85% of survey respondents say that original content is critical to the success of their social media campaign.

-- Branded original and expert content is used more often than any other type of content. And development of an audience for content is one of the top objectives of marketers.

-- 43% of respondents revealed that they don't need to show positive ROI to get social media funding from their organization.

-- Nearly three quarters of all companies (72%) currently have a social media strategy, and of those that don't, the vast majority (80%) will within the next year.

-- Only 9% of surveyed organizations have full-time positions dedicated to managing social media responsibilities, while 90% include those as part of someone's overall responsibilities.

-- 85% of companies are handling their social media efforts internally.

-- Two thirds of the company's surveyed (67%) focus their social media efforts on their company as a whole, while 41% promote individuals within the company and 24% promote a specific brand.

-- Original content, both branded and expert, is by far the most used tactic for social media (73% and 72%, respectively). Video content (51%), user case studies (45%), and reviews (41%) are also used by roughly half of all respondents.

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