Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Traditional Media Still Key Influencer for 2008 Election

It seems as if everyone has their own social networking page or blog today; in fact, for politicians, they are an absolute necessity to win, at least from what you hear. The ‘Obama Girl’ video on YouTube and Bill and Hillary’s Soprano’s spoof created quite a media stir and generated great coverage for both candidates.

However, a recent study from Nucleus Research revealed that social networking, blog and political parties’ Web sites are affecting voter opinion far less than the recent buzz would suggest.

According to the survey, conducted in June 2007, 72 percent of respondents report that mainstream media (MSM) such as newspapers and magazines are their primary sources for political information. More than 56 percent of respondents also cite these mediums as the sources that they trust the most when seeking to gain political knowledge.

Less than 5 percent of respondents turn to YouTube as a source of information, and only 19 percent use candidates’ Web sites. In addition, only 14 percent utilize political parties’ Web sites. The survey also found that 18 percent of respondents gather their information from alternative news programs, such as the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

However, it is important to note that although these new media vehicles are not yet as mainstream as traditional media, they still play a valuable role in defining the candidate and what they stand for. Just as companies use these tools to promote a product or service, individuals are now using them to promote their own personal brands – themselves.

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