Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Study Reveals Behavior of CRM Users

A recent survey of 1000 B2B sales organizations using the CRM platform reveals some interesting data on their behavior when using CRM.

Key highlights from the CRM User Behavior study include:

  • 67% of users continuously seek shortcuts to complete a task.

  • Frequent CRM logins directly correlate to improved task times.

  • Workflow automation significantly increases sales when utilized.

  • Utilizing Leads Web Capture Tools generates more deals.

  • Only 32% of sales organizations utilize Proposal and Quote Management within CRM.

  • Only 39% of sales people fully use CRM to their advantage.

  • 1 of 3 sales people use Events and Tasks religiously.

  • Only 19% of users attempt to build custom reports.

  • Formal CRM training increases adoption of CRM.

  • 46% of users re-click on a link if load-time is over 2-3 seconds.

  • 71% of users prefer the integrated email client over MS Outlook, when available.

  • 36% of sales users complete more tasks on time when using Real Time Alerts.

  • 68% of administrators don't utilize a sandbox when customizing CRM.

  • Organizations with highest user adoption rates frequently customize their CRM.

  • Service Organizations that use Self Service Portal and Knowledge Base close cases 18% faster, on average.

  • Utilization of Real Time Alerts closes cases 24% faster, on average.

  • Organizations who fully adopted CRM, close deals 36% faster, on average.

  • Ajax notes facilitate 61% more data entry compared with regular post style notes.

  • More information can be found at

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    Josh Whiting said... has reveled some interesting facts that may have been previously overlooked or even worse ignored. The stats on user adoption rates are one of the key findings for me. Without finding a way to boost user adoption rates high, industries will never fully benefit from hosted CRM Software.