Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Over 80 Percent of Business Websites 'Throwing Away Sales', Survey Reveals

A new survey has found that 83 percent of businesses believe their websites are failing to convert enough visitor traffic into actual sales or enquiries, report online consultancy Backbone IT Group.

Only 15 percent of respondents expressed a high level of satisfaction with the amount of business being generated by their websites. Companies also feared that less than half of potential online sales were currently being achieved.

The survey, carried out by Backbone IT Group with assistance from Lancaster University, also highlights a lack of awareness in the wider business community of some of the more recent online marketing practices.

Although the majority of respondents were familiar with Search Engine Optimization (improving the quantity and quality of visitor traffic from search engines), only 42 percent had heard of Conversion Rate Optimization - which improves website performance so that more visitors are converted into customers.

Just 11 percent of sampled businesses were using some form of Conversion Rate Optimization, compared to 75 percent employing Search Engine Optimization - figures that Backbone believe must change in the face of the global credit crunch.

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