Monday, October 18, 2010

Social Media and Mobile Tech Trends

The 2010 Social Media Index: Wave VI was conducted between July 28 and August 18, 2010. A total of 2,222 IT professionals from 109 countries participated. The goal of this survey was to gain insights from executives and professionals on topical issues that affect decision making. Participants shared input on their use of social media and mobile technology to solve problems, stay current, and collaborate with peers.

The results of the survey revealed:

-- Among IT professionals, social media consumption outpaced editorial and vendor content consumption. Respondents consumed social media at a rate of 5.86 hours per week, versus 3.81 for editorial content and 3.41 for vendor content.

-- Social media represents 45% of total media consumption among IT professionals (compared to 29% for editorial and 26% for vendor content).

-- More than 55% of IT professionals use social media to make better decisions based on insights from like-minded professionals.

-- More than 53% of IT professionals state that their company does not have a social media policy or they are unsure if one exists.

Other results include:

-- The top 3 benefits of mobile devices are the ability to respond to work issues in real time (31.3%), connectivity to e-mail (23.7%), and the ability to work at home (14.2%).

-- Less than 30% of respondents feel that advertisers understand their use of mobile devices for professional purposes "well" or "very well".

-- A larger screen, faster performance, and longer battery life are the top three features that respondents would value in their next mobile phone.

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