Thursday, October 28, 2010

Research Finds Nearly 90% of IT Organizations Lack a Collaborative Interdepartmental Web Strategy

InformationWeek Analytics announced the release of its latest research report, The Well-Integrated Web, which provides strategies and practices to create a cohesive customer-facing online presence.

The report, based on an analysis of 326 business technology professionals, shows that 44% of respondents run more than five distinct sites, and only 39% of those with consumer sites provide integrated cross-site search and navigation. The vast majority -- 89% -- lack a collaborative interdepartmental online approach.

Companies aiming to improve their business online must coordinate their Web efforts across departments and divisions; simplify access, navigation and search; and incorporate social networking—all without jeopardizing security. After years of scrambling to keep up with new Internet technology amid budget and staff cuts, it's time for IT, working collaboratively with the business office, sales, marketing and customer service, to guide this essential change.

Other Key Findings:

-- 44% of respondents rate their customer-facing Web setups average to poor.

-- Nearly 45% say they operate more than five distinct sites; 14% run more than 50 sites.

-- Only 39% offer consistent navigation and search across their customer-facing Web sites.

-- Just 56% provide customers with single sign-on access to their various sites.

-- Only 11% report a truly collaborative approach to their company Web strategy; 6% say their strategy "changes with the wind."

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