Friday, September 9, 2011

Social Media Now a Source for IT Decision Making

UBM TechWeb has released its annual "Social Media at Work" research, which studies the social media consumption habits and preferences of almost 650 business technology decision makers. 
Study highlights include:

LinkedIn and Twitter are the best places for IT decision makers to talk shop:

-- 69% are using LinkedIn for professional purposes
-- 44% are using Twitter for professional purposes

IT decision makers are using social media to share information about technology vendors, products and services:

-- 66% use social media to stay connected with colleagues and co-workers
-- 59% use social media to learn about new products, services and technologies
-- 47% use social media to seek advice from peers about technology purchases

Social media helps drive IT purchase decisions:

--58% use social media to obtain information for a technology purchase

More information about social media and IT can be found at

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